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February 1, 2012 / Sarah Ludwig

Using to share faculty resources

We recently conducted two surveys at the library, one to students and one to faculty. There were many interesting pieces of data to come out of the results, and I am trying to focus on one of them right now: faculty want more outreach from the library. I’ve got some big plans to address this, but in the short term, I decided to work on providing a monthly newsletter for our middle and upper school faculty, highlighting news, resources, and classroom ideas.

I used to curate a collection of links (twelve total). It was incredibly easy. I used the bookmarklet to grab links that I’d favorited on Twitter or saved via Diigo, and then it only took a few minutes to arrange those links on the page. The bookmarklet grabs images from the page you’re bookmarking — usually you can choose the image you want to display — and usually grabs some text, as well. You can change the image by uploading your own, and you can also change the displayed text and the tiI changed the background to green (our school color), and voila! I had a page to share with faculty. tle of the link.  The result is easy to read and attractive.


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