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September 21, 2010 / Sarah Ludwig

Teaching blogging

I’m starting a unit with the two sixth grade classes on blogging. The students are signing up for their own accounts on Edublogs; they will start by commenting on their teacher’s blog and then move on to posting on her blog as guest writers. Before that begins, we will be talking about:

  • What is a blog?
    • Find examples of a good classroom blog
    • What is a blog used for?
    • How is a blog different from other websites? (Give examples.)
    • What style is a blog written in? (This would be a good place for an exercise on writing for the web, which I am working on getting together.)
  • Online safety and etiquette
    • Personal information vs. opinions and ideas
    • Respectful language
    • Digital footprint
  • How to use Edublogs
    • Step-by-step tutorial
  • Specifics of assignment; schedule
    • Teacher-driven
    • Rubric (post on blog)

I’m hoping to find exercises for the online safety lesson, and I need to figure out the best way to do the step-by-step Edublogs tutorial. Something interactive would be awesome, but I need to find the right medium.

Have you taught this age group about blogs before? If so, please share!


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