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August 15, 2010 / Sarah Ludwig

New (not so new) news

My last day at Darien Library will be this coming Friday – the 20th. I’m kind of in denial about it. There are some people there I’m going to seriously miss, and after putting so much time and energy into various programs and projects and initiatives there – including developing and running the library’s first teen department – it’s going to be hard to walk away. Fortunately, the people who are taking over the various departments I managed are awesome. I’ve been at Darien for two years, though it feels like much longer; and, actually, I’ve had a relationship with those guys for three, since I was hired a full year before I actually started working there. The people of Darien Library were there when I had Evie, and they’ve been wonderful friends to my family. Plus, I’ve spent so much time working and thinking about Darien that it is hard for me to imagine shifting my focus.

Thank you Darien Library, for taking me so far on my professional journey. There, I learned how to be a better manager, a better librarian, and a more confident team member. I have only been in the real working world for ten years, but I have never come across such a fantastic group of people – hardworking, kind, warm, dedicated, and innovative to a one. Fortunately, since my husband works there too, it will be easy for them to stay in my life. I am going to miss my team so much: the reference staff, the teen staff, and the tech staff. My heart aches when I think about saying goodbye to them. Sally, Janet, Blanche, Erica B., Judy, Alex, Erica L., Heather, Andrew, Caroline, Jess — the best team anyone could ever, ever ask for. Ever. They made it easy.

Thankfully, I am going to an amazing new job. I can’t even tell you how excited I am, and how much my head is spinning with ideas. I will be the Academic Technology Coordinator at Hamden Hall Country Day School. This new job takes me back into independent school education – I was the Director of Library Services at Wilbraham & Monson Academy for three years – and into a new field. And therefore, new challenges and new things to learn. I’ll be teaching technology classes as well as working with teachers on developing cooperative projects and supporting their curriculum. I’ll be exploring new technologies and strategizing about how to incorporate that into the students’ learning experiences. In both my own classes and in joint projects, I’ll be focusing on media literacy, collaboration, sharing, online safety, and more. I’ll be learning a ton of new jargon!

I already know, from finding new people to follow on Twitter and finding new blogs to read, that the ed tech community is a very supportive one, with lots of research sharing and exploring going on among professionals. I hope, too, that I will have the chance to ask my own questions and share my own findings with the greater educational community.

So bring on Hamden Hall! I can’t WAIT!


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